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The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin is a political analyst-slash-interviewer who’s been around for a number of years in other operations, but now works full-time on his interview show.

This show is primarily one-on-one interviews between Dave and various other thinkers and doers in the political sphere like Sam Harris, Dan Carlin, Larry King, Tommy Robinson, even Milo Yiannopolous, Gary Johnson, and John McCain.



This guy, Kevin, makes videos in his apartment, and he’s a fairly typical YouTube “vlogger”; a talking head, jump cuts, all with a bookshelf behind him.  However, similar to Dave Rubin, this guy isn’t afraid to talk about the prickly subjects like Donald Trump, pornography, negging and the pick-up scene, but all informal, somewhat off-the-cuff, and from his personal standpoint.

Smarter Every Day

The host, Destin, is super enthusiastic about learning and sharing what he learns with others, and that’s pretty much what his channel is; he gets curious about something, asks a few questions, and he takes the viewers along for his journey to the answers. Also, me may have helped discover a new species of spider in the Amazon rainforest, so there’s that, too.