Episode 024 - Easing Into 2018

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains foul language

Happy New Year to all!  I decided to get back into the swing of things before we got too deep into 2018, specifically before we got too far away from the holiday season....why? Two reasons.
1) I'm committing to at least 12 episodes this year (hopefully more) and I didn't want to procrastinate for too long.
2) This topic applies to the holiday season, if only tangentially.




Episode 023 - Do It Like You Always Do It

This episode is quite the long one!  I recently got a new microphone which allows me to go mobile so I spent a lot of time pacing and thinking out loud about the idea of consistency.  This is almost entirely a series of my opinions but I think there are a few nuggets of usefulness somewhere in all of it.  I hope you enjoy.

Light Grey 02 - CK and Free Speech

So there's this guy Colin Kaepernick who sparked a whole slew of criticism and angry social media talk when he sat down during the national anthem at a football game.  I was part of a conversation that got me to think about his personal protest and I decided to talk about it and let you folks into my head for a little bit.  Enjoy.